Interaction Designer

Incable Website


Incable is one of Ecuador´s biggest cable manufacturing and sales companies.
They needed a complete refreshment of their digital presence and the website was their priority.
The challenge was to design a modern, intuitive company website that would generate sales leads. 


My Role

I was in charge of leading the UX design team on this project. I had the chance to meet the client and have a tour of the cable production plant in person, this allowed me to understand first hand what the business was and what the stakeholders needed. Something I noticed and stuck with me throughout the design process was the tight quality and safety standards the company had in their plant and production stages. I wanted to transmit this characteristic through to the website and the end user. 

Keeping this in mind, the mission of redesigning a website that was many years old and didn´t completely achieve the expected goals was structured as follows:

  • Field trips to the production plant to experience the process

  • Make the team and stakeholders meet and discuss the expected outcomes

  • Qualitative research about the different audiences de website will have

  • High quality and standards on web design and usability

  • Get to know the product catalog as close as possible

  • Apply lean design methodologies

  • Iterate as many times as needed on lo-fi protopypes to identify oportunities and problems

  • Apply the most modern tendencies on UI design and lead-focused practices

  • Test, test and test


Process summary

Among the stages we went through while designing the website, these are the ones I would like to highlight as the ones that gave me and my team the most important insights and informed every next step of the way.


Company service and product discovery

Getting the whole team, from the account executive to the designers and the developers, aquainted with the stakeholders, brand and products was the most important and valuable aspect of the process.

I have always thought that the more involved the team is the better the outcome. Every single one of us knew exactly what we needed to do in our area of expertise once we understood what it meant to produce the nations highest quality cable.

This allowed the team to make informed design decisions that would end up in an intuitive and effective user intarface focused on lead generation. 



Content structure was the core of the project. Knowing the users, their expectations and the context of their interaction with the website, we knew exactly how to present the information. 

We did have a few iterations while estructuring the Information Architecture for the website, but in the end we came up with one that not only the client liked but most importantly made sense to the end user.

For this, it was useful to apply techniques like Card Sorting and Tree Testing with real costumers.


WIREFRAMING & Lo-FI Prototyping

Considering that Incable website would have a massive amount of information about the product catalog and technical specs, the UX design team I leaded decided to create many different early versions of product related interfaces. I wanted to explore every option we had to present the products as intuitively as possible, with the goal of persuading the user to request a sale quote.

We tested the prototypes extensively to ensure no mistake was made. The client was very close to the process the whole time, giving us feedback and testing the wireframes with their teams.

Tools used:

  • Lo-fi Prototypes

  • Digital wireframe using Axure

  • User testing

  • Semi-structured interviews



The UI design team achieved a very modern and elegant interface in which the product was the protagonist. The call to actions were clearly highlighted inf order to motivate the interaction and generate leads. Information was presented in a smart way and didn´t overwhelm the less tech saavy user. The website was developed as  mobile-first and had fast downloading time.

Outcome and final thoughts

I am very proud to say that in the first 3 months of the site being published, it generated quotes that surrounded the million dollars (US). Something that the previous website never achieved. The result of having the whole team involved are evident and it is something that have changed our design processes since.