Interaction Designer

KIA Sales Management System


KIA has grown to be one of the most important car manufacturer in Ecuador, with an increasing marketshare.
The salesforce team have used a system that helped them manage the sales, keep track of potential new clients and post sale stages. 

Every year the company improved their sales processes to better serve and attend their clients,
but also to increase the number of cars sold each year. 
This meant that their sales management system needed to expand and improve aswell.


My Role

The development team needed to create new modules to expand the reach and scope of the Sales Management System, so the UX design team and I created a full UI Style Guide based on KIA´s brand guidelines and UI design best practices. For this I stablished some key steps to achieve a consistent design and structure for the future updates and upgrades the system would have:

  • Usability assessment of the current system
  • Identify UI problems or weaknesses that could endanger the user experience
  • Analysis of the system´s workflow and tasks
  • Define expansion possibilities for navigation 
  • Create a visual standard to achieve consistency
  • Define the apsect and behavior of every UI element and future functionalities
  • Create a Style Guide that would be easy to apply by developers


The first step into the creation of the UI Style Guide was to isolate every single UI element and define its behaviour, interaction and variations. I made sure that all of them complied with the usability and accessibility standards of UI design. Some of them needed to be adjusted to better adapt to KIA´s brand manual as well as the usability recommendations. 

I talked to many of the stakeholders and users of the platform to understand the scenarios of use and also to anticipate future upgrades, so the Style Guide would include elements or modules that the system didn´t currently have but may do so in the years to come.

The result was a complete set of rules and guidelines to be applied every time there was an update to existing sections of the system but specially when there are additional interfaces and upgrades. The Style Guide was proof read and tested by the development team to ensure its ease of use. The developers found it clear and straightforward enough to do their work without the need of assistance.



The system has since grown considerably and the new interfaces preserve the desired consistency, making the UI Style Guide a basic tool in any current and future development.